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Hello and welcome to the Warriors OCs Wiki!

Here, we make articles about our original fan characters and write short to detailed summaries about them. If you have decided that you'd like to join us on our wild-like warrior adventures, then great! Even if it's fixing a simple typo error on someone's article, your contribution matters

However, please read the Rules in full detail and follow them to keep this Wiki happy and safe. The admins (Marshywillow, Seyrii and TheQueenOfThisShip) love reading your articles and making sure everyone's happy here!

If you decide to make a page on your character here, go ahead! And don't be afraid to join the Discord (if you have it) or just chat to editors on here! Remember, we all start somewhere, and everyone's arms are wide open to welcome you! :D

24th October 2020


I'd like to mention that all updated charart linearts, such as the apprentice and warrior ones, have now been watermarked! This is to prevent stealing and uncredited usage of them and the coloured chararts on alternative Wikis, websites or social platforms. (Older linearts will be watermarked when they're redrawn!)
If you have a folder of saved charart linearts, please redownload them from the Wiki whenever possible and make sure you don't remove the watermark when colouring or editing them!

The watermark is not destructive nor too distracting, and shouldn't get in the way of colouring at all, so don't worry.

I cannot stress enough how much I hate seeing my linearts and other users' hard-worked chararts posted on different platforms and websites without permission or credit, especially after I've put up so many notices asking against it, which is why I've taken this precaution. I hope everyone understands my reasoning!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have fun colouring your chararts :D

- Seyrii【talk】

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Rosia4309 is a hard-working contributor who's been editing since the 20th of April and has made almost 1000 total edits as of the 1st of October.
She is very helpful and interactive and has made a lot of very detailed articles during her time here.

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Marshwillow is a large, slim-like, lithe, sleek, pale-brownish, she-cat with a darker patch on her back with flecks surrounded around it, large ears, and a striped, bushy tail with a white tail-tip and strong, glistening, amber eyes.

She is a senior warrior of WindClan.

Featured Clan

PineClan is a group of cats that live in a dense pine forest, with many wonderful sights, honorable historical landmarks and a vast amount of prey.

It appears in Bramblestar's Wishful Nights, currently being lead by Bramblestar.

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