I am TheQueenOfThisShip or Queen for short. You may also call me Maegan.

Hello! As stated above, I am TheQueenOfThisShip, or Queen for short, and I'm an administrator and moderator on this Wiki. I joined the Wiki back in February of 2018 and was promoted by Marshywillow in December of the same year.

You can contact me on my Talk Page or on Discord (Queen_Of_This_Ship#7902). I am an adult and work almost every day, so I may not be able to respond. Feel free to contact Marshywillow or Seyri if I haven't responded.


I am known as Queen here on Fandom and other cites like Instagram and Twitter, but you may call me Maegan as that is my name.

I've been on this Wiki since 2018 and have been active since. Outside of the Wiki, I work at a hospital as a Food & Nutrition Aide and an active member over on Twitch. I have a large family (13 people, not counting cousins, aunts, uncles, all the jazz). I am now living alone with my first ever cat, Yuno.


+ I currently have one cat. I've never had a cat as my mom is deathly allergic.
+ I go by she/he/they pronouns. I am female, but I am open to all pronouns!
+ I have a catsona, simply known as Queen (aka, myself)! I don't have any art for her, but I will post some when I create it!

Queen's Featured Character

Coalstar is a heavy, black-and-gray tom with silver tints in fur. He has huge light amber eyes. Long, sharp claws and long limbs. He is a major character in Life.
Featured Character

Cherryfeather is a small, slender, sleek-like, middle-aged black and white she-cat with a large, deep scar on her shoulder, with piercing dark, pool blue eyes.

Working On Pending/On Hold Finished

Rise of CanyonClan Arc[edit | edit source]

Book One Book Two Book Three Book Four Book Five Book Six Super Edtions/Stand-alones
The Storm's Beginning Darkest Visions Oncoming Silence Petals of Shadows Unknown Title Unknown Title War Within Thorntooth's Heart

New Realm Arc[edit | edit source]

Book One Book Two
Looming Impostors Flowers in Vain

Flames Arc[edit | edit source]

Novella Book One
Bramblestar's Wishful Nights Into the Flames

Perishing Stars Arc[edit | edit source]

Book One Book Two

Characters[edit | edit source]

baby boy baby
Coming Soon

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