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Hi! I'm Seyriix, or Seyrii, an administrator and bureaucrat on this Wiki. I was promoted on the 29th of June, 2018 and have been contributing since the 22nd of March, 2018.

If you need to contact me, feel free to message me on my Talk Page or Discord (seyriix#4347).
Unless I’m busy that day, you'll hopefully get a reply back from me in less than 6 hours.

If I still do not reply after that, please get in contact with another admin, especially if it's an important question or report!


Hi! I'm Seyriix, but you can call me Sey, Riix (preferred) or Ves for short! (Most use the latter)

I am a senior administrator, having moderated here for just over 2 years, and active editor on this Wiki. Feel free to contact me on my Talk Page or Discord (seyriix#4347) if you need any help, or simply just want to talk.
Just remember to always title and sign your message so I know what it's about and who it's from!

I do live in England though, so just be aware that I may not be able to get back to you very quickly if you contact me whilst it's the middle of night in my timezone!
(GMT is UTC, and BST is UTC+1)

I know a decent amount of Wikitext coding (the language used on Fandom and Wikipedia) due to the fact that I primarily edit on Source Editor, so I'd be very willing to help you out if you need any assistance with article formatting or confusing templates, such as the Family Tree template.

Alongside this, I do art as a hobby and have devoted a lot of my time to creating this Wiki's Charart Linearts. Because a lot of these linearts are outdated, I plan to redraw and update all of them, hopefully finishing by mid-2021!
The ones currently being worked on are the queen, medicine cat, elder, deputy and mediator linearts!


  • I own three cats, one dog and five Orpington chickens.
  • I'm currently learning French as a second language.
  • My favourite colours are green, yellow and blue.
  • I go by she/they pronouns. I'm female, and identify as such, but won't mind at all if you refer to me using they/them! (I don't mind about alternation either, by the way ^^)
    • I also won't mind being referred to by he/him, especially if it was an accident, but they're definitely not my preferred pronouns!
  • My fursona/catsona is called Soleil, or Sunsplash!

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