im a snekking snek who will steal ur socks uwu uwu
— Bat to Torrent in Discord

Hi, I'm OBat406, also known as Bat. I also go by Artemis or Art. I will do charart for you, but exclusively black or white cats. I suppose I could try to do a colored cat, but it will not be good so don't expect a lot ^^.

All About Me![edit | edit source]

Anyways, hello! My name is Artemis Sun (no, it's not, but that's just what I call myself on the Internet) and my favorite Warriors book is Shattered Sky. My favorite characters are Hollyleaf, just because I admire her faith in the warrior code, Needletail, because she is a straight-up boss, and Clear Sky, because I love to read about him (for some friggin reason).

My favorite non-Warriors book series is Wings of Fire. It's so good and I highly suggest it to anyone who likes Warriors or fantasy books. I also love comedy and light shows. I'm a huge theater nerd and I absolutely love the Heathers musical, the Mean Girls musical, Hamilton, SIX, Dear Evan Hansen, Beetlejuice, and Be More Chill, not in that order. My dream is to play J.D. in a Heathers production, Connor Murphy in a Dear Evan Hansen production, Betelgeuse in a production of Beetlejuice, and/or Catharine Parr in a production of SIX.

I created the character Sunstar along with MoonClan with my friend Owlfeather. My very first OC on this wiki is Sunstar, and I worked really hard on her. I love to draw and sketch on paper, but I am hopeless when it comes to animation programs. I have been drawing for a few months, and I've made some impressive stuff in my sketch pad.

I am an writer and I am writing a fanfiction called Rise of the Moon, a non-Warriors series called The Crystalia Chronicles, and a sequel/companion series called The Adventures of Dusk and Ash. I'm also a good editor for anybody writing out there! I'm not an admin, but I'm always on the wiki. I also like to go on patrols around, looking at random characters and commenting like crazy. Please comment and tell me how I can improve on my characters! Thanks!

Fursona/Catsona[edit | edit source]

My fursona (as seen on the Moonstorm page) is a black fluffy she-cat with blue eyes and a bushy black tail. It's simple and elegant, and I'm pretty proud of it.

Art I've Done:[edit | edit source]

Badge[edit | edit source]

The badge that I'm working towards is the Against The Clan Leader badge. I'm starting to run out of stuff to edit or create here, so I'm making Warriors OCs for my book characters, characters from my favorite TV shows, and minor characters from my fanfics! Yay!

I'm also trying to get the Drama-Catcher badge. I don't have a lot of photos of my own to upload, so if anybody wants human art done, I'm up for it!

Warriors Fanfictions[edit | edit source]

By Myself[edit | edit source]

Rise of the Moon[edit | edit source]

Rise of the Moon follows three cats: Goldenstar, Sunstar, and Owlfeather as MoonClan emerges from the tunnels beneath the lake.

Storm of Clans[edit | edit source]

Storm of Clans follows two cats: Dawnflame and Neverbreath as they discover four more Clans and come to the realization that MoonClan is not where they should be.

Echo of the Stars[edit | edit source]

Three kits, Spottedpaw, Flowerpaw, and Bramblepaw, are raised in EchoClan with their aunt, the deputy Roseshine, looking over her shoulder suspiciously.

Collaborated[edit | edit source]

WillowClan's Destiny[edit | edit source]

In a prequel to the Sunstar fanfictions, the evil MistyClan and the rebellious WillowClan wage a war that threatens to tear themselves apart.

MistyClan's Promise[edit | edit source]

A sequel to the prequel, this book takes place a year after the Great Battle between WillowClan and MistyClan and introduces the shadowy new Stars.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • My birthday is November 2nd, Día de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.
  • I'm lesbian and proud!
    • If you dare say anything homophobic to me I swear to StarClan I will smack your face in with my elegant comedian wit and twisted, morbid personality.
  • I am fluent in English (it's my first language), and I can speak enough Spanish to get around. I also know some German, some Serbian, and a tiny bit of Icelandic.
  • I have written many novels: The Crystalia Chronicles, The Adventures of Dusk and Ash, and my fanfics: Rise of the Moon, Storm of Clans, and Echo of the Stars.
    • I'm also collaborating with some other Discord friends on two super editions: WillowClan's Destiny and MistyClan's Promise.
  • My first ever OC on this wiki was my darling Sunstar.
  • I love to read, write, edit, listen to music, and write music.
  • I'm agnostic, meaning that I believe that gods exist, there's just no scientific proof.
  • I'm a Democrat.
  • My theme song is probably Waving Through a Window from Dear Evan Hansen.
  • My name, OBat406, has some trivia bits in it too. The O is a full moon, the Bat because I think bats are pretty cool, and then 406 because at the time, I thought that there were 406 species of bats in the world. Turns out that there are about 1,240 species of bats in the world. Boy, was I wrong.

My Pages[edit | edit source]

Note: Those with black coloring have not been created yet[edit | edit source]

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