"too bad there aint beds and blankets on the bus bc its heckin early on the way to school"
— me in every weekday morning

Firespring, also known as Firepaw, Fyre, Fire or Spring, a user on this wiki, and has been for about a year.

About me[edit | edit source]

!أسلم عليكم

selam söylüyorum!

Hi everyone! Call me Fire, Fyre or Firespring.

I don't like giving out my age, but there are other things I can tell you about me.

I'm a high-schooler from Australia. My favourite subjects are History and Geography. I kinda like Maths and not English. Currently I go to a boys only school and I love reading and spend my breaks in the school library (not reading though I just play minecraft with my friends on the computers lmao)

Even though I was born and live in Australia, by nationality I'm a lot of things, a mix. Here's a list lmao

  • Lebanese Arab (mostly lmao)
  • Yemeni Arab (a bit)
  • Ottoman Turkish (a bit)
  • Syrian (a bit)
  • And Phoenician (a little bit)

I'm not just assuming these nationalities- the top 3 i know for sure but all Lebanese people are Syrian- from the old Damascus province and like most people from Lebanon identify as descended from Phoenicians and i think my paternal aunt does so oop i guess

Though I'm sorta "confined" to Australia by now I'd love to travel the world one day which is one of my dreams. Some of the places I'd love to go to are:

  • Lebanon (background land)
  • Turkey (another background land and I want to see the former capital of the ottoman empire- istanbul its so pretty go search it up)
  • Saudi Arabia (cultural reasons ig)
  • New Zealand (its so beautiful)
  • Egypt (idk i just like egypt and its history)
  • Britain (not sure i just like it)
  • Yemen (another background land)
  • Palestine (cultural again)
  • Syria (same reasons as egypt)

I'm also strictly hetero-romantic asexual. Currently I'm not in a relationship but idk if I will be in the near future considering i go to an all-boys school as i've mentioned. i'm also pretty young for that so idk really- some of my friends have been/are in a relationship and they want me to get myself one which is aNnOyInG >:0

I'm also kinda religious which might explain the above. I'm into a Turkish serial called Diriliş: Ertuğrul which is about the father of Sultan Osman I, the founder of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Now I better move on before I spend all night ranting about the show oml.

I'm fluent in two languages. English, and the Lebanese dialect/slang of Arabic. Currently, I'm working on perfecting the Standard Arabic and I'm also learning Turkish!

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Real Life Appearance[edit | edit source]

I am an average sized boy for my age, both weight- and height-wise. I have brown eyes, a few little pimples on my forehead which you can't really see and a sole fReCkLe on my nose. My skin is light tan, and I have a distinct Middle Eastern look, most people say I look Lebanese or any sort of Arab but some say I look Turkish which might be possible considering I am slightly Turkish somewhere in there.

Catsona[edit | edit source]

Um, I don't really have one?? I mean I do but I change him every five seconds, poor guy.

But I need one for BlogClan so...

Fire/Fyre/Firepaw/Firespring/Spring (yes so many names XD) is a golden tabby tom with browny-ginger stripes and white paws, chest and underbelly. He has amber/blue heterochromic eyes.

When he's not on BlogClan, chilling out in the nowheres, he has glasses. Their main frame-colour is dark grey with hint of brown, on the sides are blue rubber straps over them where they go onto his ears. He also has a black watch with one red button.

Friends[edit | edit source]

IRL[edit | edit source]

  • Darkflight - best buddies. friends for 4 and a half years. stop forgetting your lego and books at my house. also stop using such scrappy grammar on wattpad when your capable of better. jk its fine xD.
  • Kebabrain - cool dudo (idk if thats supposed to be kebab-rain which youd like friendo or kebab-brain how did you make it so high in the grades?? jk)
  • Amirnike - literally meaning the nike prince.
  • Smellykoussa - no-ones made me laugh as much as you
  • Richyrich - dont flex ik you were dragged from the u.a.e
  • also im very lonely so no other friends atm

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • I am a Muslim, and I'm proud of it.
  • I have one cat, Stripey. (There'll be a Plumeria page for him).
  • I love my brothers but they annoy me a LOT.
  • I am very awkward when it comes to being social. XD
  • My main OC is Firepaw, whose warrior name will be Firespring.
    • This Firespring and my sona are two different cats.
  • My "government assigned warrior name" is Puddlewhisper.
  • I used to be homeschooled.
  • My favourite Clan is RiverClan.
  • My favourite Warriors character is Jayfeather because who doesn't like Jayfeather.
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