Rules to the Warriors OC's Wiki

Below are the rules for this wiki. Breaking these rules will result in punishment, including warnings, temporary blocks and bans.

You are responsible for knowing these regulations. Pleading to ignorance is not a valid option.


These rules are divided into sections to be a bit neater with this page. It's recommended you read all of them but check back to them if you are unsure of anything whatsoever.


Sections to which the rules are split into

  • Basic Rules; basic rules that must be followed. Punishments will be given if broken or ignored.
  • Content Rules; rules about dealing with mature content (etc) on your article.
  • Page Rules; the types of articles that are allowed.
  • Imagery; about managing images on your articles.
  • Category Rules; how to categorise your articles orderly without clogging up the wiki.
  • Basic Categories; basic categories you can use on your pages.
  • Additional; linked to what things you can do on this wiki.
  • Admins; people with administrator rights on this wiki.
  • Notes; more information linked to whereabouts of admins.
  • Related Wikis; wikis that are related or similar to this wiki that you can visit.

Basic Rules

These are the basic rules that admins can and will give you a warning/ban you for.


Any form of harassment (eg, racism) directed at a group of people is most definitely not tolerated. If you continue to do it after being told not to, you will be blocked.
  • This includes anything insulting or personal to the person.


Vandalism of any sorts is strictly forbidden on this Wiki. Your edits will be reverted and you will be blocked for however long is required. You can correct spelling errors and broken categories without the author's permission, however, so long as the article does not have the "NoEdit" template on it.
  • We define vandalism as removing content from pages, adding gibberish or immoral notes/messages on talk pages, user pages, comments and articles alike, replacing information on an article you do not own to suit your own character or Clan's attributes (this also includes adding information to someone else's article that does not correspond with the cat's, or Clan's, current story arc), and many other destructive or otherwise bad actions.
    More definitions may be added in the near future.


Don't make fun of others OC's, always give constructive criticism. Don't be too harsh! Making fun of OC's can trigger an argument/grudge that may result in one user getting banned. We're all here to make friends!
  • This means that you should respect others. Try to make friends, not foes!


Anything remotely sexual in any type of page is not most certainly not permitted here. Go on a fan-fiction site please and not here, it will get deleted.
  • So, if your page includes any reference to mating or use of sexually explicit and derogatory words; it will be either removed or deleted.


Make your articles related to Warrior OCs. No canon characters are allowed here, only OCs. Canon characters belong to the Warriors Wiki, not here.
  • However, if you have an AU to do with canon characters, put (AU) in parenthesis after the character's name. AU's are allowed as long as they have a lot of adjustments to the canon plotline.


No spamming comments, trolling other people, whether it's their article or the articles comments or a blog post, just don't do it.
  • Trolling will result in an instant block with no prior warning. If you come back on more accounts you will be permanently IP blocked (which is hard to bypass).


You can use other wiki's photos with either credit or if you are allowed. If they request you take the image down, please do, otherwise, admins will have to intervene and do it for you.
  • This does not include Warrior's Wiki. They do not permit using their blanks anywhere else but on their site. See below if you'd like more information.


Please do not write a fanfiction here. At most; you are only allowed a summary, in character's pages and the book page.
If you insist on writing a fanfiction somewhere on the Wikia, here is some that are still active:


Always respect the administrators of the Wiki:
  • Marsh | Lead Administrator (semi-active)
  • Seyri | Bureaucrat (active)
  • Queen | Content Moderator (active)
  • Fire | Council (inactive)


You are only allowed limited gory violence under two conditions:
  • Make sure no gory image is displayed.
  • In the summary don't over exaggerate it or detail it too much.
  • If your fanfiction includes gore, please put a content warning at the top of the page. See below for the template.


You are allowed to make joke articles, (eg, a funny OC, or a mary sue), just nothing too explicit.
  • State in the article that it is a joke OC as well if you think it isn't obvious. Please note if you do make a joke article, an admin may tell you to add in the article that it is a joke OC.


Custom Clan categories must have your username, initials or series/book name in parentheses at the end of the Clan name as to avoid confusion and messy categories. This rule is compulsory and your category will be renamed if you do not acknowledge it. See category rule 1 for more details.
  • This has been put into place because multiple Clans under the same name exist, and users may occasionally get confused over who owns which category. This is to prevent that from happening.


Please try to refrain from creating blank pages. We understand that sometimes you forget to add the content or have simply abandoned the character, but at least put the {{Delete}} template on the top of the article. Blank articles unnecessarily clog up the Wiki!
  • Admins will delete blank pages or pages with little to no information after roughly a year of inactivity from the user. If a page deletion is a misunderstanding, please contact an admin to restore the page for you.


If you ever need any help, ask, don't hesitate or get awkward! The admins and other nice users are here to help! We glorify making your visit to this wiki a safe and smooth journey.
  • This means we want you to have a good time here, we want you to make (possible) friends and look at other peoples articles to see what they get up to in the community!

Content Rules

How to deal with mature content safely on your articles. This means at least 13+.

Mature Content is strongly not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to,
  • Anything remotely suggestive/sexual (see rule 3)
  • Too much swearing, or very explicit words. (see note below)
  • Anything violent directed towards another person's OC, more or less without permission.
  • Sensitive or triggering content, such as references of self-harm, suicide or other similar topics. This might be allowed with permission from the admins and a content warning on the article, though only if it is a very minor mention.
Controversial Content is not allowed either, this can include, but is not limited to,
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Controversial themes; eg, Dovewing's eye colour.
  • (Offensive) Ethnic discussions

NOTE (1)

A little bit of swearing is allowed on joke articles to an extent, of course. (that means only one or two words, please) only to be used on joke articles though, please.

Put the warning below on your page if it includes:

  • Gore, of which you think is a little more than just mild gore
  • Swearing (directed towards the joke articles)
  • Anything that you think may not be suitable for a younger audience, (below 13).

(Template Link)


How image rules must be followed to prevent copyright issues, etc.

Keeping image content secure is also strongly important on this wiki, for example, to prevent copyright issues, which may result in this wiki getting taken down.

If you are using an image from another artist without their prior permission or knowledge, please be sure to always credit them in the image caption. If you don't know who drew the picture, you may always do a reverse image search or ask the Admins for help.

You are NOT allowed to:

  • You are not, in any shape or form, permitted to use Warrior's Wiki images, chararts or blanks.
  • Claim another artist's, whether they are on the Wiki or not, image as yours. Always credit the artist!
  • Use other users' chararts, especially without permission or credit, or the tutorial chararts.

You ARE allowed to:

  • Use this wiki's blanks for your characters on this Wiki only.
  • Ask people to do chararts for you if you can't figure out how to do it yourself! (Or if you just like their style)
  • Use images as long as they are not copyrighted by another wiki or website.
    • This includes random pictures you have found on Google/FireFox/Edge, etc. Just make sure you credit the artist!
  • Draw or create your own, personal character images.

Page Rules

What types of pages you are and aren't allowed to make. If it does not appear on both lists, contact an admin.

You ARE allowed to make pages such as:

  • Clan Pages
  • Book Pages (Ones that explain what the book is about, such as the blurb, chapter information, allegiances, etc.)
  • Romance Pages (Detailing about a certain couple's history and similar)
  • Character Pages
  • Funny/Joke Character Pages, under the condition it sticks to the rules.
  • Questionnaires or polls, as long as they are on blog posts.
  • Chapter or Book summaries, similar to the Cliffnotes on the official Warriors Wiki.
  • AU pages of canon characters, so long as the character has had major adjustments and their history no longer follows the canon storyline tightly.

You are NOT allowed to make pages such as:

  • Canon character pages. (With no AU adjustments)
  • Fanfiction articles. It doesn't matter whether they are fanfictions or not, only summaries are allowed on this Wiki.
  • Anything non-warrior related.
  • Roleplays, or advertisements to roleplay.


  • If you want to make another animal on here, ask an admin for a second opinion.

Category Rules


Custom Clan categories must have your username, initials or series/book name in parentheses at the end of the category title. This is to avoid users getting confused over who owns which Clan category. For example, instead of TheQueenOfThisShip's Clan being simply PineClan, it would be PineClan (TheQueenOfThisShip), PineClan (TQotS) or PineClan (BWN).
  • Following this rule is mandatory and those who do not acknowledge it will have their Clan categories renamed. While this is a minor regulation, continuous disregarding of this rule will lead to you receiving a warning or punishment.


Do not make plural categories. Keep it singular rather than plural.
  • I.E, Toms would instead be Tom, and She-Cats would be She-Cat.


Use proper capitalisation in your categories. If capitals are placed improperly, you will create an entirely new category. We like to refrain from clogging up this wiki with unused categories.
  • For example, ThunderClan instead of Thunderclan, or She-Cat instead of She-cat.


Don't make categories that people won't actively use.


Only add your character's current rank's category to their page.
  • For example, only kits are allowed to have the kit category, only apprentices are allowed to have the Apprentice category, and et cetera.
    The only exceptions to this rule are the categories Queen, Elder and Senior Warrior, as these are allowed to stay no matter what the current rank is. Additionally, Loner, Rogue and Kittypet may also stay on the article as these are past residences as opposed to ranks.


If you plan on creating a lot of categories, especially of unfinished books or series, please ask the admins about it first.


Please do not use the category "She-cat" or "She-Cats". Instead, use the category She-Cat.

The Basic Categories

This is a list of the most commonly used categories, and the ones that you should use as opposed to any other categories. If you intend on categorising your own article, please browse through this before adding any categories.

Deceased - All deceased cats, no matter if they are in StarClan or the Dark Forest, should have this category.
Alive - An optional category for any living cats. This must be removed and replaced with deceased should the character die.
StarClan - All deceased cats that reside in, or once were in the ranks of, StarClan.
Dark Forest - All deceasedcats that reside in, or once were in the ranks of, the Dark Forest.
Kit - Kits, both dead and alive.
Apprentice - Apprentices, both dead and alive.
Medicine Cat Apprentice - Medicine Cat Apprentices, both dead and alive.
Warrior - Warriors, both dead and alive.
Senior Warrior - Senior Warriors, both dead and alive.
Queen - Queens, both dead and alive.
Medicine Cat - Medicine Cats, both dead and alive.
Deputy - Deputies, both dead and alive.
Leader - Leaders, both dead and alive.
Elder - Elders, both dead and alive.
Mediator - Mediators, both dead and alive.
Mentor - An optional category for cats who have mentored one or more apprentices during their life.
See More
Kit Mother - Tribe Kit-Mothers (Queens), both dead and alive.
Cave Guard - Tribe Cave-Guards, both dead and alive.
Prey Hunter - Tribe Prey-Hunters, both dead and alive.
To-Be - Tribe To-Bes (Apprentices), both dead and alive.
Healer - Tribe Stonetellers, or Healers, both dead and alive.
ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan, SkyClan - The five basic Clans. Given to cats that are currently living in or have previously lived in one of them, no matter if the cat is dead or alive.
Book - The category for all fanfiction articles.
Series - The category for all fanfiction series articles.
  • (Not to be confused with 'Book Series')
Tribe of Rushing Water - The category for cats who reside in, or have previously resided in, the Tribe of Rushing Water. This category is given to cats both dead and alive.
Tribe of Endless Hunting - All deceased Tribe cats that reside in, or were once in the ranks of, the Tribe of Endless Hunting.
____Clan or Tribe of ____ - If your cat is in a custom Clan (or Tribe), you are allowed to make a category for that Clan (or Tribe). Make sure you put your username or the initials of your book's names in parenthesis after the Clan (or Tribe)'s title.
  • (ie, LightningClan becomes LightningClan (Marshywillow) or LightningClan (MW) )
  • Clan - If you have made an article featuring a custom Clan, add this to the article.
  • (Not to be confused with 'Clans')
[Book Name] characters - A category for the characters that appear in a certain series or fanfiction. Replace "Book Name" with your own fanfiction (or series) name!
Ancient - A category for cats that once lived in the ancient times. This can be switched out for 'Ancestor', or you can add both.
Ancestor - A category for ancestor cats that once lived in the ancient times. This can be switched out for 'Ancient', or you can add both.
She-Cat: - A category for She-Cats [Female Cats/Mollies] (The category is not called She-cat or She-Cats)
Tom: - A category for Toms. (The category is not called Toms, it is singular)
LGBTQ: - An optional category for those who wish to represent their character's sexuality.


  • If you would like to create a new category and you are unsure if it fits, consult an admin for answers. They may allow you to make that category.


Other things you may be wondering.

You can make quizzes/questionnaires, multiple articles, blog posts, questions, suggestions and much more. If you are unsure of these rules or don't understand them, then ask an admin! They will help you and can help you improve or learn some new things about the wiki!


The three admins, and one council member. As said many times previously, you can contact if you are in any sort of doubt are linked here for you, this time stating their current statuses:



Note (2)

Even more information linked on statuses about admins, admins in general and this wiki about pages.

If you attempt to contact an inactive or former administator, it is unlikely you will get a response as quickly as you wish, or one accurate to the current rules of the Wiki. It is highly suggested that you contact a currently active admin if you're in need of a fast reply.

Do be aware that the Council, which currently consists of only Fire, cannot warn or block users unless they have administrator powers. If you need to report a user, it's suggested that you contact one of the official admins or moderators instead.
Do not think that this means the Council has no power, though! If you have an idea or similar for the Wiki, or perhaps just need some advice, do feel free to message them about it! :D

  • You can also comment below on this page if you are unsure of anything.

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