"I'm gonna be honest with you - I wasn't sure if you had changed, but now I realise that you really have tried and that you've just been hiding who you truly are. I want us to be sisters again, Cherryfeather."
Marshwillow reuniting with Cherryfeather in The Season Of Sorrow, chapter 12

Marshwillow is a large, slim-like, lithe, sleek, pale-brownish, she-cat with a darker patch on her back with flecks surrounded around it, large ears, and a striped, bushy tail with a white tail-tip and strong, glistening, amber eyes.


In The Legacy Arc

The Silver Moon

In the prologue she is seen asking who a starry tom was and if he was a new denmate.
Marshkit and Cherrykit are born along to Windleap and a loner at the time, Dusk. Beechclaw is said to be their father.

Marshkit is super confident and excited about her apprentice ceremony. As she was beaming, she ran off to the elders' den for a story and picked out some fresh-kill. The elders tell her a story before she is called for her apprentice ceremony. Windleap tells her to settle down, and then she runs up. Her selected mentor is Skyshine, while Cherrypaw gets Swiftpetal as hers. They decide to train together and their mentors show them around the territories. Swiftpetal mentions how different Cherrypaw is to her sister.

Skyshine and Marshpaw are about to do hunting and fighting practice, and she bounds up to Cherrypaw to join. They were told to split up and look for prey. Marshpaw is seen with prey clamped in her jaws along with Skyshine. Skyshine exaggerates and brags how it 'was all Marshpaw' in an attempt to compliment her, saying she was using skills that she didn't know was possible for even a senior warrior or a StarClan warrior. She waits for Cherrypaw's praise, but unfortunately for her, there is none. She comments angrily that she doesn't care. Marshpaw, betrayed, shouts at Cherrypaw. Cherrypaw calmly replies that she didn't say that. They get back and she runs over to the fresh-kill to pick out a vole. After, she apologizes to Cherrypaw for her short-temper.

Marshpaw and her sister decided to share the vole, then she is called over to battle practice with her sister. Cherrypaw started to circle her. Marshpaw had attempted a slash but failed, so then her sister took advantage of this and pinned her down, menacingly, scaring Marshpaw. She joked how she wasn't going to hurt her and lets her up.
Skyshine and Swiftpetal exchange curious, slightly concerned glances at each other.

As they walked back into camp, Flamestar hurries out of his den and worriedly looks at Cherrypaw and Marshpaw. He questions Marshpaw and Cherrypaw, asking them if they've ever been in a forest. Marshpaw is the first to speak and says no and wants to go. Skyshine tells Marshpaw to get a patrol with 2 other cats, and she asks Lakepaw and Gorsecloud to go.
Lakepaw, due to his witty nature, is amusing, at least to Marshpaw. She gets along with Lakepaw very well, messing around with him when meant to be focusing. Skyshine gives them into trouble for this and they both apologise quietly to her. The cats are attacked by a patrol consisting of Tigerblaze, Deerleg, and Silvercloud. They have to fight them off because they are seen stealing prey. Gorsecloud gets wounded pretty badly by Deerleg. They return to camp and Marshpaw is off duties for a day or so because of her leg.

Cherrypaw gives her prey and wanders off to go battle Flamestar for some mysterious reason after he instructed her to. She is chosen to go to the Gathering. When the leaders have an argument, she comments how toms always cause trouble during Gatherings, and Archwhisker, the deputy, eyes her jokingly, and she feels embarrassed. She has another miniature argument with Cherrypaw and says how sympathetic she is like their mother.

She, again, does fighting practice with Skyshine. Lakepaw mentions to Cherrypaw how she would be good at fighting because she's Marshpaw's sister, who he thinks very highly of. After they appear back from battle practice, Marshpaw comments how she crushes on Lakepaw and Cherrypaw replies that she does too. Marshpaw is angry and Cherrypaw lightly 'claws' her sister's shoulder in fury and walks off with Lakepaw, who doesn't seem to care what Cherrypaw just did. She is astounded by this and feels depressed, after all, basically her only friend and betrayed her, better yet, for her sister.

Pain wells in her heart as she continued to watch them walk off. Honeypaw sees her dismay and tries to help, but she turns on her and just ends up running away which is caused by her broken heart. She runs into another Clan's patrol and they threaten her to get off. She doesn't and attacks one of them brutally without warning, ending up blinding one of them menacingly, the two apprentices with the warrior on that patrol want revenge, but in the blink of an eye, she had fleed already.

Lakepaw tried saying how he liked Cherrypaw more and wants to apologise for leading her on but Marshpaw roars and screams to leave her alone and runs off, again. Flamestar comments how she can't have a broken heart forever and tells her that seeing the kits Petalwing and Voletooth had would probably warm her heart, so she does and she visits the three kits that are almost ready to become apprentices; Frogkit, Sagekit and Rosekit. She comments on how cute they are. Her attention is mostly on Frogkit because he is quiet and unlike his littermates, who appears to always be noisy and hyper.

Cherrypaw tries apologising, but she doesn't take this well. Cherrypaw is taken aback by Marshpaw's stubbornness and runs off as well, they are separated for a while. She argues with Lakepaw and then later on in the chapter finally warms up and makes up with Lakepaw and Cherrypaw and she feels so dumb for misunderstanding. She drops her feelings for Lakepaw after this due to all the unnecessary drama and bad memories it caused.

Later, there is a case of a flood. The air smells of salt water, and she wakes up the nearest cat, which happens to be newly-apprenticed Frogpaw. She tells him to taste the air. Frogpaw says that she better be onto something and not have woke him up for nothing.

By this time, Flamestar was murdered by Cherrypaw for unspecified reasons. Marshpaw doesn't know she was the killer. New WindClan leader Archstar and his mate, Softstep, are resting in the den together. Archstar is embarrassed and they explain that there is an underlying stench of salt taste in the air. He warns them that there is a flood coming, they alert the clan and start to travel to high ground. They end up leaving the two elders, Owlheart and Shrewfang behind by accident because they never woke up. It is assumed that they were swept away.

Mintleaf, the medicine cat falls in to the rising water and her apprentice, Lynxfur tries her hardest to save her, she doesn't manage this and Softstep then hops in after them, after that Archstar follows on, trying to save his mate. Mintleaf and Softstep don't make it, and they both drown. Archstar loses a life and grieves very hard. She shouts at Cherrypaw to stop ruining her relationships. A couple of chapters later, Frogpaw at the end of the book confesses to Marshpaw. She became a warrior at this point and is now Marshwillow.

The Afterglow Of The Sun

It starts off by Frogwhisker and Marshwillow touching noses affectionately. Frogwhisker exclaims happily he is glad Cherryfeather isn't ordering him around anymore. Marshwillow unsteadily says that they must remember that Cherryfeather is only trying to protect her. He shrugs a "Yeah, I guess," in reply.

Then, Ripplefang approaches the two mates and asks them to go on a patrol together, under the condition they aren't silly together. Ripplefang tells them to go get Brightflower and Featherpaw but as he walks away, Marshwillow and Frogwhisker end up teasing each-other again, and Frogwhisker steps on a thorn, his pad is bleeding and they go to Lynxfur for a short moment to get some healing done for it.

As the two go to try to find Brightflower, she is sharing prey, with her mate, Sagecloud. Marshwillow predicts that Brightflower would then be a queen soon. But then she thinks about herself and Frogwhisker having kits and it distracts her. Marshwillow then notices Cherryfeather is not in camp. She assumes she is on a hunting patrol, but in reality, she's actually on a border patrol.

Frogwhisker feels slightly better and he comes out of the medicine cat den shortly after. Brightflower asks Marshwillow to go to the ThunderClan border to try to find some prey. She shrugs in reply and stalks off, lightly. It is mentioned she doesn't want to run into a ThunderClan cat. Marshwillow then scented a squirrel, and catches it, but just barely. She thanks StarClan for the prey, and then spots a mouse scurrying away, although she distracts herself with the thoughts and tells herself to focus. She is holding her tail up and checking for the mouse. She finds the mouses tail and slams her claw on it and catches it. She gave it a quick killing bit before burying it next to the squirrel. Moments later, she catches a shrew and vole to add onto it. Her mouth is now stuff and Frogwhisker laughs at her.

It is also mentioned at this point that Brightflower had only caught one piece of prey. They mumble in reply to Brightflower telling them to go camping. Frogwhisker spots Cherryfeather and asks if he should go, so he wouldn't be shouted at. Marshwillow tells him not too and is going to try to persuade Cherryfeather not to shout at him. Cherryfeather had sighed before greeting her and looking up.

Cherryfeather asks what she wants, Frogwhisker had the fear scent and great trembling coming off of him. Marshwillow tells herself she is going to explain to her and tell her everything. She tells Frogwhisker to go if he would like. He does, leaving the two sisters alone.

Marshwillow tells her she wants to speak about Frogwhisker. Her thoughts are telling her that Cherryfeather won't be happy. Cherryfeather stands in eerily silence before the chapter ends.

She tries to explain that she is mates with Frogwhisker and that she stills cares about her, but before she can finish, Cherryfeather had already turned tail in raging anger. She thinks Marshwillow is replacing her.

Marshwillow catches up to her, just before she did, Frogwhisker was pinned beneath Cherryfeather, but already left before Marshwillow could see anything. Marshwillow desperately says that she still cares about her, timidly.

Cherryfeather apologises. She is still trying to comprehend the prophecy and her meetings with the ThunderClan warrior, Smokepelt. Marshwillow suggests they should all chat for a bit, Marshwillow explains to Frogwhisker, who is still shaken up after the conflict with Cherryfeather.

Frogwhisker gulps before saying, "Y-Yeah," but he was stuttering heavily.

Beechclaw finds them all out in the cold, new-leaf day and tells them they must be chilly and tired after their recent vigil and tells them that it is best if they go camping, the three cats do as they are told and leave the small forest-covered hill they were chatting on.

She walked into the warriors' den, yawning, she curled up with Frogwhisker, and slumbered, just before she did, she wondered why Cherryfeather was twitching. It is mentioned she missed the long scar on her leg, which does eventually heal.

Marshwillow assumes it was a bad dream as she had twitched once in her sleep and kicked Frogwhisker lightly, which woke him up. She wakes up early to Frogwhisker shaking her. He asks her to watch the sunrise with him, she giggles and says "Err-- sure!" so then, they do and race each-other to a hill. Frogwhisker lies that he was bored and asked her to come with her for the fun of it, Marshwillow says "Seriously?" before Frogwhisker laughs and says, "Nah,"

Marshwillow agrees, and a couple of minutes pass, by this time, the sun has fully risen, and beams of sunlight are pouring down on the two, like a true new-leaf day.

It is mentioned then Archstar and Gorsecloud were sunning themselves on the rocks, talking while at it, Sagecloud and Brightflower presumably went out of the camp to enjoy the sunlight, Dapplestream was outside the nursery, about to burst with her kits, and Ripplefang comes up to her, laughing and gives her a mouse, smiling.

Marshwillow says the clan seemed really lively. Frogwhisker suggests they should be like the clan and go for a little walk. Marshwillow agrees, and the two mates go out of camp. Marshwillow tells him not to flush so much, with a bit of humour. They came to the moors to see if they could get a juicy rabbit, Marshwillow mutters to herself that she wishes she could have a rabbit. Frogwhisker grins and says he thought Marshwillow didn't like rabbits. Marshwillow immediately heats up and says she changed her mind.

Frogwhisker threatens to tell Cherryfeather because she just simply "loves rabbits" and Marshwillow asks Frogwhisker teasingly back how he knew it. Frogwhisker says that she picks out rabbits a lot and thought so.

She then finally said, that they were WindClan and it was perfectly normal to like rabbits. Frogwhisker then rolls his eyes saying "Then how did you not like rabbits?" and Marshwillow ignores the question by saying to him, "Let's just go ahead! I want to explore.", Frogwhisker replies that she is "Getting ahead of herself like she always does." Marshwillow shrugs and does indeed admit it is true. Marshwillow says that it's sunny though and she wants to relax. Frogwhisker says "Let's do that then.", smirking because he knows she said hours. Marshwillow corrects herself saying that not to do it for "hours." Frogwhisker then says "Oh, I thought you wanted to explore, I'm confused.", obviously jokingly. Marshwillow rolls her eyes and tells him to shut up.

Frogwhisker refuses too. They then stare in silence and Marshwillow asks why the sudden silence, Frogwhisker in a panic says that he was just staring. Marshwillow laughs again before they do some hunting on the moors.

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The Glaze Of Stars

Not done!

She is first seen being normal and going on patrols until she is heavily diagnosed with greencough. She thinks she will die but she does not. When Leafkit and Spiritkit pass away- she is seen feeling really bad about herself for spreading the greencough.

Later, she is sturdy to do everyday life- shortly after- she is expecting her second litter of kits. She is overjoyed but since she was sick that recently, Lynxfur keeps an eye on her. She is helping the other queens soothing over their kits because she has had experience and Brightflower hasn't.

She is later surprised again when Ashrose comes in, expecting not Coalheart's kits, but Reedfern's kits. She had watched, and then later felt a quick bolt of pain, and later she gives birth to her 4 little bundles of joy, Kinkkit, Sunkit Whorlkit, and Hawkkit.

Frogwhisker comes in and sits with her for the night as her kits develop. Frogwhisker then leaves and smiles at her, saying that he loves the kits.

Later, her kits are now very noisy. They love to run around and yap. It is seen that Marshwillow takes this irritatingly, but she loves her kits very much. Later, they become apprentices, and she goes hunting with her mate, Frogwhisker.

Sooner or later, she gets her second apprentice, Acornpaw. They go hunting and fighting out in the woods when Marshwillow almost falls in the river, Acornpaw grabs her. She thanks Acornpaw and is not seen in the final chapter.

The Season of Sorrow

Marshwillow is first seen in the nursery- again. She is having her kits. She gives birth to Beetlekit and Furzekit, and when Beetlekit passes away, she is heart-broken. A couple of moons pass, and she is watching over Furzekit, who seems interested in Brackenkit.

When she finds out Kinkstem is dead, and Whorlfang is missing, she is heartbroken. Lynxfur and Mintleaf come to visit her in a dream saying that she should not grieve and gives out two prophecies.

Then Squirrelwhisker tells her she is expecting yet again more kits.

She is then seen in the nursery, to which Frogwhisker approaches with a smile and asks her to go on a walk and tells the other queens to go out, so the nursery could freshen up. When they go on a walk the chapter ends with that the kits are coming and they're far out in the forest.

She is then mentioned again when Frogwhisker screams that the kits are coming, to which most cats are confused, but Rosla and Squirrelwhisker get sent out and go, as Frogwhisker leads the way.

By the time the two medicine cats arrive, a small reddish-brown she-cat, by the name of Redpaw, has already helped her give birth to Sweetkit, Oakkit, and Leopardkit.

When a fire happens, she is told to evacuate with her kits, as it was spreading, she carries Sweetkit by the scruff and Frogwhisker carries Leopardkit by the scruff, and Lilymist, one of her elder kits volunteers to take Oakkit. Together they all march away from camp.

Before realising Cherryfeather was asleep in the den, she appears. Frogwhisker and Reedfern go on a miniature rant about her, and Dewleaf and Squirrelwhisker are disheartened to hear such thing, especially from the deputy, as not a lot of cats were born the time around when Frogwhisker was an apprentice, he had a lot of conflict with Cherryfeather. Reedfern was bullied by her mate.

When they appear, the chapter ends softly with the two sisters properly apologising.

When she is next mentioned, she is just grooming herself in the nursery, but after that chapter, she wakes up in the dark forest, to be greeted by the one and only Smokestar. It is mentioned that she didn't want anything to do with him and tried escaping. Smokestar spills out some secrets about Cherryfeather however that makes her question if she's hiding anything.

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In The Novellas

Ravensong's Fury

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Whorlfang's Decision

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Interesting Facts

  • She is one of Marsh's oldest OC's, being created in 2017.
  • Marsh thinks she's a bit of a "mary sue" (an overpowered character) to some degree, it's probably because Marshwillow was created when she was just 11 (almost 12) years old.
  • Marshwillow can be a bit of a drama queen.
    • She is also pretty hot-headed, as this can be seen when she flings down Lakepaw after a heated argument over Cherrypaw in The Silver Moon.
  • Marshwillow always felt really bad for shouting at Cherryfeather.
  • Marshwillow is better at hunting than fighting, she can fend herself pretty well, but she's not good at striking at other cats.
  • She has actually died, (barely though, it wasn't proper death, like almost death) but StarClan gives her one more chance to fulfil her destiny.
  • Marshwillow is bigger than average for most she-cats.
  • Marsh often calls her "The kit whisperer" or "Ferncloud," as she has a lot of kits.
  • She once asked why she had "blurry fur" and Cherry found this funny so it was taken into a mini inside joke between the friendship of the two authors in real life.
  • She is one of the oldest WindClan warriors because she has lived four whole books.
  • She blames herself for Leafkit and Gorsecloud's deaths.
  • Marshwillow makes an agreement and reunites with Cherryfeather in Chapter 12 of The Season Of Sorrow, where the two sisters are emotionally apologising to each other for all the heartbreak they've caused each other, in front of the Clan.
  • Marshwillow regrets making her have so many kits because it has created a mess of a family tree and if she does continue The Legacy she's going to have no more litters.
  • Marsh likes to think writing "The Legacy" and her various other novels is the reason why she still does somewhat well in the school subject, English, to this day.


  • She was described as being "pure brown" at one point.

Character Pixels

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Frogwhisker: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Dusk: Deceased, verified Place of No Stars resident


Windleap: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Cherryfeather: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Gorse: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Duskkit: Deceased, verified StarClan resident


Ashrose: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Scorchfeather: Deceased, verified Place of No Stars resident

Goldenblaze: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Hawkwind: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Whorl: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Beetlekit: Deceased, verified StarClan resident

Oakbranch: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Leopardwhisker: Deceased, verified StarClan resident

Gorsepool: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Embercloud: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Foster son:

Blazingkit: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Lilymist: Deceased, verified StarClan resident

Kinkstem: Deceased, verified StarClan resident

Sunbreeze: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Furzeflame: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Sweetsong: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Cypresswind: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Silverpaw: Deceased, verified StarClan resident


Lightningfoot: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Blackpaw: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Frostpaw: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Pinefrost: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Tigerpaw: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Sorrelpaw: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Dawnpaw: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Streampaw: Deceased, verified StarClan resident

Drizzlekit: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Briarkit: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Swallowfur: Deceased, verified StarClan resident


Hopewhisker: Deceased, verified StarClan resident


Wishflight: Deceased, verified StarClan resident


Mousekit: Deceased, verified StarClan resident

Sandkit: Deceased, verified StarClan resident


Leafkit Deceased, Verified StarClan Resident

Spiritrunner: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Mapleclaw: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Squirrelwhisker: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Acornmist: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Rosedust: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Mooneye: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Shellmist: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Ivyfrost: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Hopemist: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Clearstone: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Foxtuft: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Quailkit: Deceased, verified StarClan resident

Crowdust: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Owlclaw: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Tellerstripe: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Jayheart: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Mosspaw: Deceased, verified StarClan resident


Leafkit: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Darkkit: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Swiftkit: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)

Briarkit: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Blazingkit: Living (As of The Season of Sorrow)


Cloudyblossom: Deceased, verified StarClan resident

Mintleaf: Deceased, verified StarClan resident

Sparrowleap: Deceased, verified StarClan resident


"Come on, please, he won't like me if he thinks your like that, I know your not really like that."
Marshpaw to Cherrypaw The Silver Moon, page 46

"How could you be so fox-hearted?!"
Marshpaw to Cherrypaw The Silver Moon, page 46

"You mean, he wants to try do this all over again? He wants to be reincarnated, be a kit, then apprentice, then a warrior, then a leader? And try to kill us?"
Marshwillow to Archstar, Lynxfur and Cherryfeather The Afterglow Of The Sun, page 63

"I promise, to you four kits, I will be a better mother to you than I was to your older siblings. I want to prove myself..."
Marshwillow to her kits The Glaze Of Stars, page 70

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