"The rivers are my friend, Echolight. If anyone is to drown in them today, it will not be me."

From Dewleaf to Echolight, in Starless Sky. (a book I wrote)[edit | edit source]

Name: Dewleaf

Dewleaf (WC).png

Reason: because when her father first looked at her, a drop of dew fell on top of her nose from a leaf that was stuck on the nursery roof. leaf because on the day of her naming ceremony, it was the middle of leaf-fall and as the leader was performing the ceremony, several maple leaves fell on her pelt from above.

Age: Kit: 0-6 moons. App: 6-12 moons. warrior: 12-27 rogue: 27-29, moons. queen: 29-35 moons. warrior: 29 to 41.

Names: Dewkit, Dewpaw, Dewleaf, Slate. (while she was a rogue)

Gender: she-cat

Reason of death: drowning.

Clan: Willowclan- they live in a gorge surrounded by willow trees. a lake is on the other side of the gorge, where they catch fish.


appearance: Dewleaf is a delicate silver-white tabby she-cat with soft short fur. she has dark green eyes, with amber rims. a dark scarlet nose and white pads. she has large ears and a short fluffy tail. She has a scar on her left shoulder and her right ear is shredded from a rogue attack.

Personality: Dewleaf is a silver tongued cat. this means that she can twist the most horrible of words and make them sound sweet. she is reserved and quiet, but she can also be sweet. She can, if she wants, be a very good storyteller, for as said before, she is good with words. Her favorite pastime is to sit by a river and listen to all the sounds. when cats ask her what she is doing, she says: "I'm listening to the rivers sing."


mother: Rosepool (WC)- a pale peach-colored she-cat with amber eyes. after her mate died, she became a med. cat. (this is possible because Mudfur did it)

father: Icestorm- a brown and white tabby tom with blue eyes. he died when Dewsong was 16 moons old.


Snowdrop- a pure-white she-cat with amber eyes. she is very kind, but because she is shy, she does not have many friends.

Rainstorm- a gray tabby and white tom with amber eyes. He will one day become the leader.


Shellfur- ginger and white tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Mossclaw- silver-white tabby tom with blue eyes.

Mate: Flarefire- pale ginger and white tom with ice-blue eyes.


Amberleaf- pale ginger she-cat with large amber eyes. Formerly Dewleaf's apprentice.

Snowdrop- her sister. Description above.

Flarefire- her mate, description above.


Brindlewing- mottled dark brown Tom, her dark forest mentor.

Echolight- ragged, fading, she is the leader of the dark forest, a deranged crazy leader that works with poison to kill her enemies. (ragged, small, long-furred once beautiful former med. cat with of-white fur.

Vixenpelt- long-furred ginger she-cat, formerly Flarefire's mate.


her kit life was normal. As a app, the dark forest started rising. because Dewleaf had a silver tongue, they recruited her at a very young age (when she did not know any better,) and made it her job to convince other living cats to join the dark forest. however, in the battle, when a dark forest cat killed her father, she joined the good sides team. (the battle happened after she became a warrior.) after the battle, she got her very first app, Amberpaw, (later Amberleaf).soon after, a terrible earthquake overcame the forest, making a huge mess. for two moons, she lived as a rogue with her mate. As a queen, she gave birth to her first and only litter. She died when a flood overcame the camp and they where all going to climb out of the gorge, but because the walls where slippery, she slipped and drowned in the water.

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