Below are the chat rules for this wiki. Breaking the chat rules will result in punishment, including a chat warning, a mute, and in extreme cases, blocked from the chat altogether.

The Basics

These are the rules you should follow if using live chat. Disobeying these will, of course, lead to a sort of punishment.

1. No cussing in this live chat, not in another language, not anything.
2. No cruelty should be directed towards others in the chat.
3. You are allowed to RP in the live chat, just as long as it is not smut/sexual etc.. no sexual behaviour, etc is not allowed in general in the chat.
4. You are allowed to go off-topic in the chat. It doesn't need to be about warriors.
5. Don't troll people in the chat.
6. No cyberbullying/stalking in the chat.
7. Do not spam in the chat.
8. If a moderator tells you off for something, don't do it again on an article / in the chat. It will lead to a kick/block from the wiki.
9. If banned from chat on an account, don't dupe accounts to get back on it. You will be IP-blocked/banned.
10. Don't be intimidating towards other users. If there is a new user, help them. Don't be a mouse-brain!
11. Don't spam others on their talk wall to chat with you, if they have refused once or twice, don't ask again. It is simply disrespectful.
12. If you need help with anything to do in that chat, ask a moderator. You are allowed to ask on their chat wall for help with the chat and they should be able to sort you.
13. Have fun and follow these rules.
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