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ThunderClan is a clowder of cats that live in primarily deciduous woodland, bordered by WindClan and SkyClan in the Lake Territories and ShadowClan and RiverClan in the Forest Territories.

They are generally peaceful cats and respect the other Clans, even in battle. They can also be fierce, courageous and loyal, especially in desperate times.

General Description

ThunderClan is a peaceful Clan, known to often take in kittypets and loners and allow them place in their ranks or simply shelter.

They have excellent stalking techniques and are the only Clan known to bunch their hindquarters before leaping to catch their prey. They have the sense to keep upwind of their prey whilst in thick bushes and undergrowth.
ThunderClan cats are noted to be especially strong, usually winning most battles they take part in.


In the forest territories, ThunderClan's territory is located in a deciduous forest. Their camp is in a sandy ravine well hidden by brambles with a thin, gorse tunnel acting as the entrance. There is a tall boulder in the clearing, known as the Highrock, where leaders call meetings.

Notable landmarks are the Sunningrocks, which are rocks that absorb the sunlight and make for a good, relaxing spot to nap in, The Great Sycamore, one of the largest trees in the territory that has strong, thick branches, and Snakerocks, a pile of rocks in varying sizes that venomous adders like to take refuge in.

In the lake territories, ThunderClan's territory is deciduous forest, known to Twolegs as Hare Hill Woods. Their camp is located in an abandoned quarry with tall, dangerous cliffs enclosing it on all sides. The main entrance is through a thorn tunnel, though there is another passageway that is reached by climbing the rocks.
A tall rock dubbed the Highledge is used by leaders to call meetings.

Notable landmarks are the Sky Oak, an ancient oak tree where apprentices often practise their climbing skills, The Old Thunderpath, an unused thunderpath blocked off by blue markers set by Twolegs, and The Clearing, where apprentices are taken to train.

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