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"Kestrelblaze was more of a mother than you would ever be."
— Brambleheart to Heathersong in ???

Brambleheart is a sleek, thick-furred dark russet brown tabby she-cat with a white mask and amber eyes.

As a curious kit, young Bramblekit always visited Heathersong, the ThunderClan medicine cat, learning about herbs and other medicines. When she reached six moons old, Bramblekit, now Bramblepaw, was apprenticed to Heathersong, training to become a medicine cat.

Excited to meet StarClan, Bramblepaw and Heathersong visited the Moonstone, falling asleep with the other medicine cats to visit StarClan. However, instead of meeting her Warrior ancestors, Bramblepaw met Strifeclaw, a warrior of the Dark Forest disguised as a StarClan cat.

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